What Can TAGG Do for You?

Our global team includes subject matter experts and key opinion leaders in medicine, value-based purchasing, medical devices, interventional cardiology and vascular surgery, integrated medical networks, medical homes, practice management, disease management, telehealth, mobile communications, information technology and systems integration, green energy, commodities, materials science, and more. Our team has depth and breadth of knowledge in the health care industry, from R&D to regulatory approval, from manufacturing to distribution, from informatics to programmatics. If you are searching for a team of strategists to put you in the right place at the right time, TAGG can provide the subject matter expertise...and more.
Capital Formation
The TAGG team takes special pride in its ability to help individuals and companies find compatible business partners and family offices who are traveling the same general path. We have creative and big picture approaches to complex funding projects whether it is for research, growth, merger, acquisition, or restructuring and recapitalization.
Business Plans and Strategy
You need a business plan and market strategy to grow. TAGG can help you create a professional narrative and credible financial reports to focus your business on the key strategies to accelerate market entry and earnings.
Market Research & Segmentation
Through our extensive international network and dedicated research division, TAGG gathers hard-to-find information about markets. Whether you are a business that needs to know the scope of the playing field or an investor on a due diligence project, TAGG can help.
Sales Channel Development
Whether you need experienced sales executives to lead your team, corporate clients to purchase your services or supplies, or development of sales channels and distribution, TAGG has the international experience to help.

Transaction, Partner, Franchise, License, and Distribution Agreements

While protecting its clients, TAGG always works toward win-win transactions. To that end, TAGG can help align parties’ needs and strategies in a Term Sheet or Letter of Intent in preparation for an Asset Purchase Agreement, Share Purchase Agreement, Joint-Venture Agreement, or other Agreement.

Executive Leadership

Depending on the engagement, TAGG team members can mentor your team, join the C-Suite (CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, CIO, CMO) of your organization, or take a position on the Board of Directors in order to transform your business plan into practical success and positive revenue.

Due Diligence Research
If you need to confirm the material facts of a potential contract, investment, merger, or acquisition, TAGG has the experience to find and analyze hidden vulnerabilities. TAGG can also conduct forensic analysis of financial assumptions to mitigate financial risks.
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