Treat Cancer & Autoimmune Diseases without Drugs by Filtering Immune System Suppressors outside Body

What if you could treat serious diseases by simply filtering the blood as you do with kidney dialysis? TAGG's client has an affordable, non-drug based cancer therapy that does not exhibit the side effects and complications common in oncology. Scientific and clinical literature shows that “blocking factors” suppress the immune system and contribute to cancer growth. Using a process similar to dialysis, the company's device filters out these “blocking factors” released by cancer cells. This allows the immune system to directly attack the cancer while enhancing the effects of other cancer treatments. This enables the body’s immune system to fight terminal and chronic diseases safely and cost effectively, but as a medical device. This medical device classification accelerates market entry.

Smart Phone Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the leading cause of death among adults over 40, the # 1 killer of student athletes, and leads to over 300,000 deaths per year in the U.S. TAGG would like to introduce you to a medical device company whose lead product is a smart-phone powered Automated External Defibrillator. Four major pain points of current AED’s are that they are bulky, intimidating to use, lack connectivity, and are expensive, leading to extremely limited access. REVIVE is not only more mobile, lightweight, user-friendly, and affordable than any other AED on the market, but is also the first Internet of Things connected AED in the U.S., opening up entirely new market segments and regions with the goal of bringing AEDs to the masses.

Device Developer for Ophthalmology

Imagine dilating a patient’s eyes quickly (mydriasis), without eye drops, tears and tissues, and without the patient needing sunglasses for hours afterwards. This company’s devices service the vision market: optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians. With this Company’s non-invasive device, patients’ eyes are dilated within 2-3 minutes and return to normal size within 10 minutes. Physicians can enlarge pupils without the need for eye drops (e.g., atropine, tropicamide). Recent test results show pupils dilate by up to 2mm in less than two minutes vs. 20 to 30 minutes with conventional eye drops. The result is that ophthalmologists are able to see patients faster and complete necessary fundus exams. This Company has also invented a non-invasive, easy-to-use, hand-held, cost-effective instrument to measure intraocular pressure. The measurement can be taken with the hand-held version of the device or the device may be attached to a slit lamp or other apparatus. The device is so easy to use that it may even be used by the patient at home, simplifying the monitoring of glaucoma. 

Private Social Network for Care Communities

This open-API, social collaboration platform improves patient or employee communication, engagement, connectivity, and health. Not all health care is clinical. In fact, 80% of health outcomes are dependent on non-clinical care and social support. Until now, there has been no single-source solution to empower patients, caregivers, and community in this critical part of the healthcare journey. This social + collaboration suite includes: group and direct messaging, event management with RSVP’s, registration, maps and attachments, shared calendars, reminders and push notifications, social sharing, comments, likes, photos, video and resources, assign and sign-up for tasks and volunteer opportunities, surveys and feedback. With it, consumers gain the functionality needed to safely and securely activate their own personal networks and engage in support communities. The platform is so safe and secure that the Girl Scouts organization has adopted it for its secure, private communications.

Wireless Sensors That Improve Outcomes of Spinal Surgery

How do spinal surgeons know they have fixed a problem? This company’s transformational device for intra-operative and post-operative strain monitoring improves clinical outcomes and lowers the cost of spinal care. Their disposable device measures rod strain during any kyphotic correction or burst fracture realignment. The company’s first device paves the way for the company’s second implant: one to give feedback for posterior lumbar fusions and for juvenile scoliosis corrections. The Company’s business goal is to partner with an industry leader to offer the company’s sensor in pedicle screw system kits, leveraging the sales teams of industry leaders and offering their customers a competitive advantage.

On-Line Anatomical Therapy – A Virtual Physical Therapist

Musculoskeletal pain is the leading cause of absenteeism and costs $1,250 per employee per year in medical and work related costs. Companies pay an average of $500K per 1000 employees annually for neck and back pain only. This company has developed the world’s first and only online anatomical therapy system – a virtual physical therapist. The system allows pain sufferers to access customized treatment and relief via a series of thousands of physical therapy algorithms and online tutorials. The service can replicate face-to face-therapy and deliver significant results. Currently the product is sold directly to national and global organizations that recognize the impact musculoskeletal claim costs are having on their profitability and productivity. 

Universal, Neutral “Swiss” Converter for Old and New Currencies

This company has a non-discriminating platform that accepts all peoples’ cryptocurrency and national currency regardless of the underlying technology and brand. It solves the problems associated with synchronizing currency, cryptocurrency, and securities in a way that allows individuals, corporations, and governments to acquire all goods, services, and asset classes in real-time using a card, computer, mobile device, or chip. It is not a currency trading platform, new cryptocurrency, or commodities trading company. It is unique. TAGG is ready to connect you to the Company's principals.

Bio-Identical Signaling Therapy to Prevent Free-Radical Damage

Poor diet, stress, environment toxins, smoking, lifestyle choices, and oxygen metabolism release free radicals that damage the body's proteins. Regardless of the cause, when the structure of a protein is damaged, it leads to a measurable drop in performance, reduced vitality, impaired regeneration, and faster aging. The body repairs proteins through a complex network of antioxidant metabolites and enzymes that work together to prevent damage. When the body is stressed, it simply cannot repair itself fast enough. TAGG's client has patented a process to boost the body's healing process with a bio-identical signal that is transmitted through pure water vapor. The technology improves body functions, repairs cell damage, boosts athletic performance, and slows the process of aging. The device repairs cell damage brought on by free radicals, also known as reactive oxygen species or ROS.

Intra-Operative Cavernous Nerve Location to Preserve Sexual Function following Prostate Surgery

The unmet need in prostate cancer surgery is a reliable approach that preserves erectile function. TAGG's client has a proven intra-operative test that is predictive of erectile function by allowing the surgeon to identify and spare the nerve that allows a man to have erectile function. More than 10,000 procedures have been performed at leading U.S. facilities. The technology is ready for integration into robotic-assisted radical laparoscopic prostatectomy. The same intra-operative technology can be used to improve functional outcomes for female sexual function surgery, colorectal cancer, cervical/uterine cancer, and bladder cancer. The prostate cancer and colorectal cancer markets are growing in double digits because of increased diagnostics and the aging of the Baby Boomer generation. The business model for this diagnostic technique has a recurring revenue component for surgical kits and a plan to enter lucrative European markets.

Tool to Clear Turf, Croplands, and Pastures of Burs and Stickers

Whether you are walking through the woods, putting your freshly groomed show horse in a pasture, growing hay or other grains, producing grains for food, or producing agricultural products, burs present a problem. They hurt human hands and feet, stick to your clothes, cause medical problems for foraging animals, diminish the value of recreational property, and reduce the value of items in the food chain. The only way to prevent them is to use pre-emergent chemicals with their inherent toxicity. Until now. TAGG's client has a 100% non-toxic, environmentally safe, easy-to-use way to rid the landscape of pesky burs. The solution is inexpensive compared to chemical alternatives and gives you an alternative to clear large swaths of land quickly. 

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