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TAGG’s client is an interventional cardiology/radiology company with three state-of-the-art facilities: engineering, animal testing, and manufacturing. The company was founded by a world-renowned interventional engineer who has more than 100 patents and products to his credit. His products include the newest designs for PCTA balloon catheters, stents, and stent coatings and superior engineering features including smaller diameter, balloon shape, flexibility, even expansion, and crossing profile. The company has five products in market, distribution in five continents, one product pending CE Mark, four products for OEM development, and six advanced R&D products.

Bio-Identical Signaling Therapy to Prevent Free-Radical Damage

Poor diet, stress, environment toxins, smoking, lifestyle choices, and oxygen metabolism release free radicals that damage the body's proteins. Regardless of the cause, when the structure of a protein is damaged, it leads to a measurable drop in performance, reduced vitality, impaired regeneration, and faster aging. The body repairs proteins through a complex network of antioxidant metabolites and enzymes that work together to prevent damage. When the body is stressed, it simply cannot repair itself fast enough. TAGG's client has patented a process to boost the body's healing process with a bio-identical signal that is transmitted through pure water vapor. The technology improves body functions, repairs cell damage, boosts athletic performance, and slows the process of aging. The device repairs cell damage brought on by free radicals, also known as reactive oxygen species or ROS.

Single Source Unique Device Identifier (UDI) Tagging and Tracking Technology

The FDA has mandated Unique Device Identification (UDI) for all Class II & III medical devices by 2016. All UDI information is reportable under the Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID). TAG’s client is a one-stop shop for 2-D barcoding, wireless UDI compliance, line of sight detection systems, large area wireless detection systems, GUDID reporting. The company has an exclusive license for a cloud-based global asset tracking and database application, originally developed for tracking high value assets that move frequently over a large area. Following capitalization, the company is prepared to establish full USI implementation at premier institutions in FL, GA, CA as well as centers of excellence throughout the country.

Intra-Operative Cavernous Nerve Location to Preserve Sexual Function following Prostate Surgery

The unmet need in prostate cancer surgery is a reliable approach that preserves erectile function. TAGG's client has a proven intra-operative test that is predictive of erectile function by allowing the surgeon to identify and spare the nerve that allows a man to have erectile function. More than 10,000 procedures have been performed at leading U.S. facilities. The technology is ready for integration into robotic-assisted radical laparoscopic prostatectomy. The same intra-operative technology can be used to improve functional outcomes for female sexual function surgery, colorectal cancer, cervical/uterine cancer, and bladder cancer. The prostate cancer and colorectal cancer markets are growing in double digits because of increased diagnostics and the aging of the Baby Boomer generation. The business model for this diagnostic technique has a recurring revenue component for surgical kits and a plan to enter lucrative European markets.

Advanced Wound Care with Ultrasound

The newest and most radically effective approach to the treatment of skin ulcers is an ultrasound device with specially designed titanium tips that ultrasonically debride the wound, radically reduce the bacterial load, stimulate tissue granulation, and prepare the wound bed for medicine or healing collagen membranes. The Company discovered that with ultrasonic treatment it was possible to debride the necrotic and fibrinous material from the bottom of an ulcerative lesion without damaging the underlying tissue. The device kills 65-98% of bacteria, depending on the operating method of the instrument selected. The Company also markets collagen membranes that accelerate tissue granulation and skin re-epithelialization. This integrated treatment regimen reduces healing time and has prevented amputations in high-profile cases.

Smart, Eco-Friendly Cedar Shingle Panel Systems

The look of cedar shingles is unmistakably upscale. Installing individual shakes is costly and time-consuming. A company has invented a way to get the same look with panels. In addition to being recommended by This Old House experts, the panels have smart features including a built-in ventilation system with capillary breaks between courses that are very effective at preventing cupping, curling, and decay. The panels also install as a ventilated "rain-screen", providing a gap between the siding and sheathing, a feature that is widely accepted as the best way to prevent moisture migration, solar vapor drive, and mold and decay within the walls. In short, these cedar shake panels look better, last longer, and cost less to install than conventional cedar shingles. The company is looking for a strategic investor in commercial or residential building.

Tool to Clear Turf, Croplands, and Pastures of Burs and Stickers

Whether you are walking through the woods, putting your freshly groomed show horse in a pasture, growing hay or other grains, producing grains for food, or producing agricultural products, burs present a problem. They hurt human hands and feet, stick to your clothes, cause medical problems for foraging animals, diminish the value of recreational property, and reduce the value of items in the food chain. The only way to prevent them is to use pre-emergent chemicals with their inherent toxicity. Until now. TAGG's client has a 100% non-toxic, environmentally safe, easy-to-use way to rid the landscape of pesky burs. The solution is inexpensive compared to chemical alternatives and gives you an alternative to clear large swaths of land quickly. 

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