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We are futurists who have made a conscious choice to find and develop technologies that enrich the world. We are ethical in our negotiations, generous with our time and advice, attentive to your unique needs, and responsive over the course of our engagement. We are in this together: Our energy, our work, our world are interwoven.
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Our Mission

TAGG's mission is to join forces with you at a personal and professional level to accelerate the growth of your ideas, products, services, personal, and corporate goals. We commit to work on your dreams with the same energy, passion, and vigor that fuel our lifework. Our core belief is that when people and groups work together toward a common cause, the energy of the effort is multiplied. Our philosophy is never a zero-sum game, or even a win-win approach. Instead, we believe that together, we can achieve the impossible. You may want to change the world with your invention, technology, product or service. We believe you can. What we deliver is subject matter expertise and the ability to connect you with people who have a passion for your subject matter. We find kindred spirits to provide the capital, resources, leadership, research, expertise and other services needed to turn your plan into reality .

As a scientist, I know that the consensus of my tribe is that the self is created through the electrochemical activity of the brain. For most neurosurgeons, and most doctors generally, the body produces the mind, and when the body stops functioning, the mind stops, just like a picture projected on a screen does if the projector is unplugged. So when I announced to the world that during my seven days of coma I not only remained fully conscious but journeyed to a stunning world of beauty and peace and unconditional love, I knew I was stirring up a very volatile pot. Critics have maintained that my near-death experience, like similar experiences others before me have claimed, was a brain-based delusion cobbled together by my synapses only after they had somehow recovered from the blistering weeklong attack. This is certainly the assessment I would have made myself—before my experience.

-- Eben Alexander, MD, Proof of Heaven, 2012

Today's News

April 6, 2014: Graphene, discovered by Geim and Novoselov in 2004, leading to their 2010 Nobel Prize for Physics, is the most interesting contemporary material in the world. It is the strongest material known, 300 times stronger than steel. Yet, it is flexible. At one atom thick, graphene is also transparent. The only problem with graphene is that production is not scalable. Until now. Researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology and Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea just announced a breakthrough in commercialization. Their new method “…synthesizes large-area graphene into a single crystal on a semiconductor, maintaining its electric and mechanical properties…” Scalable graphene could potentially replace silicon and utterly transform electronics.